Design  Rene Hougaard  Dimensions   H: 790 x W: 595 x D: 425 mm


Design ARDE

A chair for one or a chair for many. The Covent Chair displays a comforting simplicity, a warm embrace suitable for an evening around the dinner table or curled up with a book.

In this chair, craftsmanship is paired up with the strength of geometry. Asymmetry has taken a playful role in the construction of the frame, where in contrast the seat and back surrounds you in a symmetric and calming cocoon of soft fabrics. 


Covent Chair Collage Kvadrat Umami New Works.png



Floyd by Kvadrat

A sophisticated fabric based on a mix of man-made and natural materials. The mix of polyester yarns and undyed wool yarns creates a little something extra for the expression of this fabric. Due to the fact, that the wool yarns are processed as little as possible, a discreet striated pattern occurs when the wool meets the polyester. A pattern which strengthens the sophisticated and timeless look of this fabric, whichever colour you choose

Umami by Kvadrat

A fabric constructed of 90% wool, hardwearing and with a densely woven design. The chosen colours contain understated and tasteful expressions, inspired by Scandinavian nature. Within the contrast of the weaving, the black and the light grey yarn creates a strict pattern of small dots. The discreet colour range and woven pattern makes Umami an ideal choice for colour combination.

New Works