We asked the designer behind our iconic Kizu Table Lamp, a few questions about his past, presence and best advise on life and being a designer.

Photo by Theresia Pauls

Photo by Theresia Pauls

Best and hardest thing about being a creative mind?

I´ll change that question to “doing creative work”. To me, the best thing is building things and turning abstract ideas into physical results. It feels very rewarding, at least when you are happy with the outcome. The hardest thing is not making money the first few years when running your own studio. 


Where did you grow up?

I grew up just outside Düsseldorf, Germany. Both my parents are Norwegian.

Tell us about the thoughts behind Kizu Table Lamp?

It began with an idea of balancing two identical shapes on top of each other and giving them different functions - base and shade. I started testing different shapes and proportions and suddenly Kizu was born. All though I abandoned the initial idea of keeping the two elements identical, they are still clearly related. To accentuate the two elements the base is made of heavy marble and the shade of white acrylic. 


"I think the combination of the simplistic shape and the logic of the design is what makes Kizu an iconic product."


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What are you most nerdy about?

I am very interested in production processes. I could go on factory visits for days, watching people and machines make stuff. And I am continuously eager to learn more.


Best Life advise ever given?

Don´t dwell on the past.


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