Aura Mirror

The bold materiality of the Aura Mirror is what generates its unique inner glow.

Its polished metal form picks up surrounding light, creating diverse reflections through a combination of hard flat surfaces and long curves.

Designed to be touched and held, its weight and strength is offset by the softness of its shine and sculptural curved form. 

Moiré Wall Light

Inspired by the play of patterns in Moiré jewellery, the Moiré Wall Light demonstrates the matching sensations of touch and interaction.

The warmth of layered copper patterns creates an every-changing illumination of shapes and forms.

The user is invited into its hypnotic performance as its movement presents rings, squares and hexagons as if from thin air. The magical execution of Moiré.

Rise & Shine Wall Mirror

The Rise & Shine Wall Mirror utilises bold forms with an asymmetrical composition to create an unfolding feature within any space.

A softening oak centre point allows the mirror and brass components to push and pull against each other, providing an ever-changing point of reflection.

Whether employed for different functions, or simply to create an intriguing interior sculpture, Rise and Shine provides a centrepiece full of balance and movement.

New Works