The no-nonsense design duo argues that great original design has nothing to do with price, but everything to do with the ability of its creator. That spirit of craft, combined with Noergaard’s reflective mind and Kechayas’ “just do it” attitude, has made them a well-known name on the Danish design scene. Doing everything from elephant chairs to chameleon lamps in terracotta and kryptonite.

Tembo Lounge Chair - In limbo between lounge and armchair you find the Tembo. With its big elephant ears it invites you to both socialize and lean back into your own world with a book. The soft, organic inside serves you with exclusive comfort, while the edgy outside gives the chair a solid look. You instantly get the impression that this chair is serious business.

More about Noergaard & Kechayas http://noergaard-kechayas.com/

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