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New Works Studio, Copenhagen


In 2019 as part of the Stockholm Design Week, we will present our new collection alongside the guidance of Stockholm’s own Lotta Agaton Interiors. Lotta’s work has always shared our commitment to natural materials and quality craftsmanship. Together, we will present our growing range in a more so- phisticated setting. With a focus on a deeper palette of materials and finishes, we aim to reflect the increasing maturity of the New Works collection and our own vision on what Nordic design can be today.

A Mature Vision


The Black Sheep Edition
Material Table, Pendant and Wall Lamp

With the Material Pendant being our most popular product since day one, we are more than excited to extend this strikingly minimalist range. The introduction of the Material Table Lamp and Material Wall Lamp allows you to bring the beauty of natural materials into every room of the house.


“Materials are at the core of everything we do at New Works. To create sculptural objects that have their own voice, whilst complementing each other; honest materiality is key.”