New Works presents a collection at the intersection between old and new. Light and dark. Design and art. Our work pays homage to the strong Scandinavian history of craftsmanship and materiality, whilst challenging the contemporary forms of today. We collaborate with an international group of renowned designers and artists, who display a matching fascination with sculptural forms and honest materials. These collaborative pursuits convey our love of the sensual, and of the bold.

A Mature Vision

Materials are at the core of everything we do at New Works. To create sculptural objects that have their own voice, whilst complementing each other; honest materiality is key. Working closely with our collaborative group of designers and artists, we aim to best represent each material whilst pushing the limits of craft and production. From our first range of experimental lighting and accessories, last year saw these same sculptural qualities scaled up into furniture for the home. In 2019, New Works will continue our pursuit of the perfect interior environment - one full of deep tones and honest textures.

Collaboration has always been an important factor in shaping the New Works story. In 2019 we will present our collection alongside the guidance of Stockholm’s own Lotta Agaton Interiors. Lotta’s work has always shared our commitment to natural materials and quality craftsmanship. Together, we will present our growing range in a more sophisticated setting. With a focus on a deeper palette of materials and finishes, we aim to reflect the increasing maturity of the New Works collection and our own vision on what Nordic design can be today. Tonal walnut timbers are coupled with textural wool upholstery to present pieces with a masculine edge that pull from the past, whilst remaining contemporary. We invite you to touch and feel.

All the textures and tones of the existing New Works collection will be displayed alongside new products and line extensions. Joining our collaborative group of international designers is Canadian MSDS Studio with their Ware Table Lamp, and Argentinian designer Cristian Mohaded with the Ripply Candle Holder. Extensions to the popular Lantern, Karl-Johan and Material lighting series’ continue the evolution of our existing range, while additions to the Covent family emphasises the ability of the collection to create a complete interior environment. All of these pieces create a setting in which to escape the hustle of the fair, a space that demonstrates the growing maturation of our collection.




We believe in respecting the natural qualities of materials as both an inspiration, and as a guide when creating our collection. Honouring the individual qualities that each material contributes. From the strength of marble, to the warmth of oak.


We collaborate with artists and designers that share our obsession with detail, and who strive to discover new forms, materials and textures in the world around them. Together, our experiments aim to provide a new vocabulary for contemporary art and design.


Design is to be touched and held, to encircle you, whether through dappled light or a warm embrace. To best represent the materials and techniques used to create our objects, we believe it is vital to retain their original roughness. The true statement of character that comes from within.


A fusion of our own craft traditions, and experiments into various techniques from around the world, allows our pieces to push the boundaries of material and form. Challenging the perceptions of craft, whilst retaining the touch of the craftsman through to each final object.